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All About Ingredients

We encourage you to compare our L’ATHENE products and ingredients to any other products on the market, as there simply is no comparison. Every ingredient on the label is there for a reason for skin nutrition.

What We Do and Don't Use

You won't find the usual list of ingredients in our skincare. What you put on your body should be as natural and healthy as what you put in it. We have ingredients with a purpose that are truly effective. When the skin is fed the right potent nutrients, the skin becomes radiant, smooth and healthy. Each product works synergistically with the other. L’ATHENE products reflect our strong commitment to beautiful skin and wellness.

All About Ingredients

What We Do Use




Fatty acids


Natural fruit acids


Essential oils


What We Don't Use

Sodium lauryl sulfate

  petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin

Propylene glycol

Parabens and phthalates

Fragrance and dyes

  dimethicone, cyclomethicone

   polyethylene glycol


Urea (animal urine)

All About Ingredients

Label Reading

Standard skincare, even the medical brands, contain many standard skincare chemicals. They are not nutritious to the skin. They can be occlusive, irritating and counter effective to healthy skin. As a synthetic alternative to naturals, these chemicals are inexpensive and artificially give products a texture, color or smell or are there as unnecessary product fillers.

Even ‘all-natural’ skin products or ‘socially responsible’ brands can claim they are natural, even if they have less than 1% natural ingredients. There are no regulations governing the use of the term ‘natural’. And just because a brand is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean the ingredients are proven for skin health or the ingredients purely processed.

We at L’ATHENE meticulously process the naturals to maintain the purity and to not disturb the natural elements, therefore we keep all nature’s nourishment working at its best for your skin.

L’ATHENE gives you the best of what nature offers... to create the best skin results.