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About Our Products:

I am new, how should I start? Can I get a sample or two to try? How much product should I be using? Are your products tested on animals? What is the shelf life of the products?


Where do you get your ingredients? How do your products work for those who are prone to allergies? Do you use parabens? Do you use use preservatives?


How do I choose which cleanser to use?

Sun Care

Do your products contain sunscreen/SPF? What is difference sunscreen and sun block? Is there a sunscreen you recommend? Should I moisturize before or after applying sunscreen?

Skin Types

I have oily or combination skin, what should I use? I get pimples, breakouts and blackheads. What do you recommend? I have dry skin, what should I use?

Specific Skin Conditions


What type of make up should I use? Which brands of mineral make-up should I use?

Lip Area

What products would you recommend for vertical lines around the lips? Do you have a lip treatment or cream?


Can I use L'ATHENE with Retin-A®? I cannot use Retin-A®. Do you have any recommendations?


I am pregnant and I would like to know if I can use L'ATHENE?

Advice for Young Skin

What do you recommend for young skin?