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The L'ATHENE Difference

For L’ATHENE, natural skincare has a whole new meaning because at L’ATHENE, natural is not just nature-made, but alive, powerful, active and vital—resulting in healthy, beautiful skin for you.

What We Are

Our formulas are composed of antioxidants, micronutrients, vitamins and proteins designed by nature to support, repair, detox and renew skin.


We respect these powerful actives and bring them to you through processes and formulas that ensure the highest degree of ingredient integrity, maximum bioavailability and the highest potencies possible—without standard cosmetic synthetic chemicals and fillers.

Your skin is alive. As such it requires elements that are also alive and bioavailable in order to truly experience real support, powerful nourishment and authentic rejuvenation. Lively actives are what will bring your skin back to life.

How do we do this? First we select nutrients scientifically proven to work best for skin health. Second we go to great lengths to delicately and meticulously process these nutrients to maintain the plants natural intelligence and strength. Third we protect these actives by refusing to surround them with the standard chemicals used in conventional skincare—chemicals that can neutralize, impede, dilute or destroy the fragile vital plant agents.

The result is L’ATHENE—skincare that is active, alive, real and in harmony with your body’s processes. Because our plant essences are still vibrant, your skin enjoys a super shot of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants in their most potent and ready to use form. These unique formulas work powerfully, gently and effectively to repair, correct, exfoliate, detoxify and hydrate your skin.

How It Works

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Like all biological organs, it cycles through many critical metabolic processes from digesting nutrients, to replacing dead skin cells with new ones, to detoxifying and repairing its protective barrier.


Not only can standard cosmetic chemicals like propylene glycol or sodium laryl sulfate irritate the skin, they can actually occlude the skin’s ability to function optimally which introduces new stressors to an already challenged system.

Just as your body struggles to breakdown and make use of heavily processed, chemically-laden foods, your skin has to work harder when you apply products loaded with standard synthetic chemicals found in most skincare. They can cause clogged pores, redness, dryness, oil imbalances, dullness and buildup.

Now your skin has to recover from these additional symptoms as well as address sun damage and environmental challenges.

Wouldn’t it make sense to spare your skin the grind of unnatural ingredients and instead provide your skin with elements that truly assist?

Vital plant substances work naturally to resurface the skin, dissolve cellular debris, and impart intense nourishment to help the skin repair itself. They intelligently balance, correct and protect skin moisture levels for maximum hydration without clogging or greasiness. They repair and renew skin through continual gentle exfoliation and a high nutrient load. Powerful antioxidants help protect against cell damage and naturally resurface skin texture for maximum smoothness and luminosity.

Many synthetic chemicals attempt to imitate natural ones. Many brands choose the synthetic alternative because they are cheap, readily available and easier to produce.

The L’ATHENE creators, as nurses, understand the inner workings of skin after working with skin at its worst. They discovered that nutrients, in their purest and most whole form, give the skin what it really needs to create healthy results. The skin takes them in easily, utilizes them quickly and creates noticeably brighter skin in just days.

We at L’ATHENE work with the body not against it for maximum results of beautiful luminous skin.

The L'ATHENE Experience

L’ATHENE is as luxurious and pleasing to the user, as it is nourishing and healing to the skin. Lush. Exquisite to the touch. Elegantly aromatic. A symphony of nature for your skin and spirit.


L’ATHENE brings forth your beauty from within. You light up from the power of these natural elements, each with its own special purpose. L’ATHENE stirs special feelings of beauty in a harmonious tapestry of luxury and wellness. You feel confident, lovely and radiantly alive. Enriched by the purest, most powerful treasures from Earth.

You know you have been L’ATHENED when you look good and feel good about YOU! You have made a wonderful choice for yourself. Look out world…here you come!

That’s the beauty of L’ATHENE and you DESERVE it!