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Men's Skincare

Men share many of the same basic issues of skin care as women.

Taking care of and protecting the skin has become a higher priority for men. Men now go to spas, see dermatologists, and are more aware of skincare to take care of their skin.

Diminish Excess Oil

Male skin is generally oilier than female skin. Though shaving takes off the top layer of cells plus some oil, you can further diminish oil with the powerful astringent, antiseptic properties of CLARIFIQUE Purifying Clay Mask. This mask helps to absorb oil and lessen bacteria, and best of all, can be applied on clean skin prior to sleep to work overnight—which helps to lessen the severity of oil and/or breakouts. Cover the pillowcase with a towel when sleeping in the mask and use it no more than every other night. You can even spot treat just the problem areas.

Protect Skin from Sun

Sun protection is very important to men and women. In addition to sun protection, it is important to add antioxidants to the skin. Antioxidants can provide additional protection against free radicals. VITAPURE Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient Serum, made of Vitamins A, Ester C, E and Rosemary can provide additional protection against free radicals. Examine your skin daily, and if you notice changes in the skin, to seek medical attention early. For suggestions on sun protection, click here.

Minimize Shaving Bumps

After shaving, many men get red bumps on the face and neck, the result of ingrown hairs or shaving irritation. Calm those red bumps with VITAPURE Ultra Antioxidant Nutrient Serum. It's refreshing and nourishing too! If the bumps are from ingrown hairs, a period of no shaving may help. If condition worsens, seek medical advice. Laser treatments may also help. For men with extra sensitive or dry skin, shaving with PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser can soothe and calm irritated skin.