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Our Principles

Since day one, we live by the principles that we provide your skin with the highest level of nutrients possible for the best results possible. We at L'ATHENE work with the body, not against it, for maximum effectiveness.

Created by nurses

Worked for years with burns and other skin problems at Johns Hopkins and other leading hospitals.


Correct and repair the signs of aging and challenged skin with proven potent nutrients. Targets sun damage, wrinkles, redness, collagen loss, oil, dryness, pore size look and firmness.


99+% pure. We use only real ingredients in the purest form possible. Each ingredient works for the very best for skin... in every way. <0.1% concentration of a mild preservative assures bacterial safety for 2-year shelf life.


Give the skin power-packed pure nutrition with active vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids & antioxidants to create noticeable results for skin health and beauty.


Powerful skin ingredients based on proven science to maximize skin health for aging and challenged skin. Made in an FDA approved lab.


Quick results. For all ages and skin types. The skin will appear luminous and toned and feel smoother and softer. Healthy skin becomes radiant beauty.


Easy to use. A few minutes in the morning and at night makes a dramatic difference.

Best value

2X concentrated. Last 2X longer than other skincare. More applications per ounce. No harsh chemicals or unnecessary fillers, so every ingredient is working for skin health.


Ideal for challenged skin like sensitive skin, anti-aging, minor burns, cracked hands and more.

Efficient delivery system

Bioavailable and easily absorbed. The small molecules allow for maximum absorption. The body recognizes these ingredients unlike chemicals.


Dermatologically tested.