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The L'ATHENE Process

L’ATHENE is the most active nutrient skincare possible... to create quick, noticeable results for a healthy, younger-looking you.

Pure Formulas... Precious Results

Our scientifically proven ingredients cultivated from nature, in their purest form, actively repair, nourish, support and replenish the skin. Our exclusive purity processing maintains the strength of the proven naturals... without standard chemicals or disruptive processing. This gives the very best to your skin for powerful, noticeable results for all skin types and genders.


What Makes L'ATHENE So Special?

Pure and Natural. Why this passion for purity? Skin is alive and so are pure nutrients. L'ATHENE is bioactive and absorbed effortlessly and more readily by the body. When skin experiences this highest level of nutrients, in their most powerful form, direct from the Earth, an amazing transition takes place. Skin absolutely glows with optimum health, vitality and … a special kind of radiant beauty.

Power-Packed Nutrients... Backed by Science. L'ATHENE's elegant, smooth texture formulas are power-packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, fruit acids and phytonutrients. These scientifically proven ingredients target wrinkles, collagen loss, sun damage, redness, dryness, excess oil and breakouts. They actively work to repair, correct, exfoliate, detoxify and hydrate your skin.

Purity Processing. Ingredients are only part of the story. Equally important is how those natural elements are processed to keep them intact and alive. We meticulously refine our botanicals, without solvents or chemicals that can dilute and/or alter their potency. L'ATHENE's exclusive system --the Biocharged Micronize ProcessTM – delicately blends our botanicals while maintaining their purity and strength. No standard whipping or heating techniques are used. These destroy the subtle intelligence of the plant material and radically reduce the effectiveness. This painstaking method delivers unsurpassed purity from start to finish. Lastly, <0.1% concentration of a mild preservative is added to assure bactericidal safety for two-year shelf life.

Handcrafted in Small Batches by Scientists. There is no standard mass production here. L’ATHENE treatments are handcrafted into small, nutrient-rich batches in an FDA-approved lab. The botanicals are blended into highly active tinctures and mixed into pure plant bases. The strength and vitality of the natural material is preserved. We have the best quality control... anywhere.

Purified Water. We use only the purest of the pure for our water. In standard skincare, the water can be inferior as well as a source of bacterial contamination. To enhance the performance of our ingredients, L'ATHENE uses only Biopure WaterTM. Biopure WaterTM is exclusive to L'ATHENE, created by a special steam distilling process that removes all contaminants, i.e. gases, chemicals, bacteria, to maximize product performance. This special pure water dramatically enhances the effectiveness of the products.

L'ATHENE. Pure, beautiful healthy skin from the purest potent elements of nature.