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The L'ATHENE Process

L’ATHENE pure nutrient skincare creates quick, noticeable results for a healthy, younger-looking you.

Nutrient Formulas... Powerful Results

Our scientifically proven ingredients cultivated from nature, actively repair, nourish, support and replenish the skin. Our processing helps maintain the strength of the proven naturals... without disruptive processing and by avoiding many standard skincare chemicals.  By using only the highest quality ingredients, this gives the very best to your skin for powerful, noticeable results for all skin types and genders.


What Makes L'ATHENE So Special?

The Value of Nutrients. Skin is alive and so are nutrients. L'ATHENE is bioactive and absorbed effortlessly and more readily by the body. When skin experiences this high level of nutrients, an amazing transition takes place. Skin absolutely glows with optimum health, vitality and … a special kind of radiant beauty.

Power-Packed Nutrients... Backed by Science. L'ATHENE's elegant, smooth texture formulas are power-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, proteins, fruit acids and phytonutrients. These scientifically proven ingredients target wrinkles, collagen loss, sun damage, redness, dryness, excess oil and breakouts. They actively work to repair, correct, exfoliate, detoxify and hydrate your skin.

Handcrafted in Small Batches by Scientists. L’ATHENE treatments are handcrafted into small, nutrient-rich batches in an FDA-approved lab. We have the best quality control... anywhere.

L'ATHENE. Beautiful healthy skin from potent elements of nature.