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This new breed of pure nutrient skincare - for anti-aging and challenged skin - was created by two nurses, Nan Brown and Lil Bogdan, who worked with burns and severe dermatological conditions at Johns Hopkins and other leading hospitals.

After fifteen years of treating skin at its very worst and studying clinical and holistic skin healing principles, they discovered that skin responds best to pure, potent, nutrient-rich natural preparations.

Nan herself struggled with severely sensitive skin, but found that marketplace products couldn't give the wonderful results that she knew were possible. Having experienced firsthand, both professionally and personally, the healing power of nature, Nan and Lil went on a quest to develop the most potent nutrient-rich skincare possible, with ingredients backed by science, and bring it to others everywhere.

To create the skincare, they worked with top nutritionists, organic chemists and leading aromatherapists. They sought out the best ingredients for skin health. They meticulously refined the formulas to make them the most effective - without resorting to standard cosmetic chemicals.

Nan & Lil
Nan & Lil

The result was L'ATHENE - skincare power-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, proteins, and phytonutrients to create extraordinary results for the healthiest skin possible. From healthy skin comes radiant beauty.

Sold now in doctor's offices, hospitals, medi-spas, and select spas nationwide, L'ATHENE brings you everything your skin needs for maximum health and luminous, younger-looking skin.

Nan and Lil are nationally publicized speakers and medical educators that have been featured in numerous medical and consumer publications.

They have traveled nationally, presenting their lecture - Ageless Beauty - and sharing their message that it is possible to create 'true beauty and wellness' at any age.